Discover CardanoGPT's Diverse Range of AI Products

At CardanoGPT, our ambition reaches beyond blockchain and crypto-related functionalities. Our state-of-the-art AI offerings touch upon an array of sectors.

Further, we're in the throes of crafting several AI products designed to refine community management and bolster productivity for our esteemed partners.

Here's a deeper look into our forthcoming AI solutions:

  • X Chat & Reply bot: Our MVP, @AskGirolamo Formerly known as Replyada, is your real-time companion for all things Cardano. AskGirolamo provides instant responses to queries about Cardano and it's ecosystem developments on X. Stay informed and receive timely updates on Cardano without leaving your X feed.

  • Twitter, Telegram & Discord AI Moderators & ChatBots: Envisioned as a flagship products, it merges the strengths of Rosebot with the capabilities of Chatgpt and Bard. This seamless integration allows project founders to invest their energies in core development. In the meantime, our AI Moderators adeptly oversee community interactions, only passing the baton to human moderators when essential. Remarkably versatile, the AI-powered mod fields questions spanning diverse topics — from project-specific queries to lifestyle insights. Whether you're seeking travel suggestions, fitness advice, or culinary inspiration, our tailor-made bot stands ready to assist.

  • CardanoGPT Internet-Enabled General Knowledge Chatbot (Girolamo): Our general knowledge chatbot is a cutting-edge AI powered bot designed to provide instant, accurate, and up-to-date answers to a wide range of queries related to the Cardano ecosystem and beyond. With real-time access to the internet and a vast database of information, this chatbot empowers users to swiftly obtain tailored knowledge on various topics, making it an indispensable resource for both newcomers and experienced enthusiasts in the world of blockchain and Cardano. Whether you're seeking information about Cardano projects, blockchain technology, or general facts, our chatbot ensures that you receive prompt and precise responses, enhancing your understanding of this dynamic space.

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