How To Buy CGI

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying CGI Token


Create a Nami Wallet (For browser users)

The first step involves setting up a Nami wallet, a browser-based wallet designed for the Cardano ecosystem. It's user-friendly and secure, making it an ideal choice for storing your ADA & CGI tokens. Download Nami Chrome extension wallet

Download Vespr Wallet (For mobile users)

Vespr is the ideal wallet for users to store and swap cardano native tokens like CGI seemlessly on application.

Download Vespr on App Store

Download Vespr on Play Store



Before you can purchase CGI tokens, you'll need to have ADA, the native currency of the Cardano. You can buy ADA from popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Kraken, Binance, OKX, Kucoin,, Coinbase. Once you've purchased ADA, you'll need to send it to your Nami or Vespr wallet. Ensure you double-check the wallet address before confirming the transaction to avoid any mishaps.



Purchase $CGI on a Cardano Decentralized Exchange or Decentralized Exchange Aggregator (For web browser users)

With ADA in your Nami wallet, you're now ready to buy CGI tokens. Navigate to the CGI trading link on Wingriders (DEX) or Dexhunter (DEX aggregator)

Purchase $CGI on WingRIders:

Purchase $CGI on DEXhunter:

Note: On both platforms (WingRiders & DEXhunter), click on the connect wallet button on the top right side of your screen to connect your wallet, then enter the amount of CGI you wish to purchase or the amount of ADA you're willing to exchange for CGI. Both platform will display the current exchange rate and the equivalent amount of CGI tokens you'll receive.

Before you proceed, review the transaction details carefully. Once you're satisfied, confirm the transaction.

Buy CGI on Vesper wallet (For mobile users)

Download Vespr on Play Store

Download Vespr on App Store


Confirm Purchase

After confirming the transaction, the exchange process will begin. Transactions on the Cardano blockchain are usually swift, but it may take a few minutes for the CGI tokens to reflect in your cardano wallet.

And that's it! You've successfully purchased CGI tokens! These tokens are now a part of your digital asset portfolio, stored securely in your cardano wallet.

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