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🌐CardanoGPT Ecosystem

CardanoGPT is an advanced AI model specifically tailored to meet the demands of the crypto and blockchain industries
The CardanoGPT AI model can be accessed using the CardanoGPT Token ($CGI). This utility token is the backbone of our ecosystem, empowering users to enjoy a range of features and benefits.
Core Utilities:
  • CardanoGPT General knowledge chatbot (Girolamo): Ownership of $CGI tokens grants users access to our comprehensive and internet-enable general knowledge chatbot, giving our users an alternative to chatgpt4. Learn more about our general knowledge chatbot here
  • Subscription-Based Pricing: As we evolve, $CGI will be the cornerstone of our subscription model, facilitating access to a selection of advanced AI services tailor-made for both individuals and businesses within our ecosystem.
  • Rewards & Incentives: Within the CardanoGPT ecosystem, users can participate in some activities and earn $CGI token in rewards. These activities includes airdrop events and ambassadorial programs.
  • Decentralized Governance: Token holders can employ $CGI to cast votes on pivotal decisions and governance matters shaping the CardanoGPT platform.
  • Farming Liquidity Provision: The token plays a key role in Farming and liquidity provisions, incentivizing contributors to bolster CardanoGPT's growth and stability. Farm $CGI on WingRiders: Purchase $CGI on Wingriders: