CGI Staking

CGI Staking Documentation

Introduction to CGI Staking & NFTs

CGI NFTs are unique digital assets that serve as crucial keys for holders, enabling access to exclusive benefits within the CardanoGPT ecosystem.

Stake $CGI tokens to mint CGI NFTs, unlock access to innovative AI products, earn staking rewards, and participate in governance, offering a blend of utility and rewards.

Types of CGI NFTs

Staking Overview

Staking DurationReward RateMinimum StakeNFT Issued

1 Month


500 CGI

1 Month CGI BOX

3 Months


2000 CGI

3 Months CGI KEY

6 Months


2000 CGI

6 Months CGI KEY

12 Months


2000 CGI

12 Months CGI KEY

Benefits of CGI NFTs

  • Access to CardanoGPT's Innovative AI Products: CGI KEY Holders gains access to AI products developed within the CardanoGPT ecosystem, from Girolamo chatbot at public launch, CardanoGPT writing platform and future products.

  • Staking Rewards: CGI NFTs Holders earn rewards based on the duration of CGI tokens staked.

  • Governance Participation: CGI NFTs Influence the development and policy directions of the CardanoGPT ecosystem.

Acquisition of CGI NFTs

CGI NFTs can only be acquired through the staking of CGI tokens. Launch date of the staking platform will be announced soon, kindly stay tuned for updates on our community channels.

Note: CGI NFTs can be sold, transferred, or rented between users, curating a whole new experience for everyone to interact with Generative AIs.

TX hash of the first CGI-KEY NFT Issued:


Staking CGI tokens not only provides valuable rewards and products access, but also offers a way to actively participate in the governance of CardanoGPT’s innovative ecosystem.

Further details on staking platform will be populated here, as we draw close to launch of the staking platform.

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