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💫Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Our Frequently Asked Questions
What is CardanoGPT?
CardanoGPT is a sophisticated AI model designed to provide extensive services to individuals and businesses within the Blockchain and Crypto technology sphere. With its broad range of solutions such as Blockchain, crypto news and real time information sourcing with our general knowledge chatbot, CardanoGPT is setting a new standard in AI-assisted operations.
When will CardanoGPT's Girolamo chatbot be available?
While Girolamo is in its developmental stages, we're actively extending our AI capabilities. During the beta stage, Girolamo will be accessible for $CGI token holders only and will be released to the public at a later development stage with diverse pricing options.
What services can CardanoGPT help with?
The versatility of CardanoGPT is remarkable, providing functionalities from Blockchain & Crypto information, no-code smart contract generators, live on-chain data and information reliable news sources, to lifestyle and health information.
What are the legal terms of the Smart Contracts generated by CardanoGPT?
Users fully own smart contracts generated by CardanoGPT's AI. However, related intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademarks fall under the jurisdiction of the user's resident country.
What is $CGI token?
$CGI is the utility token that fuels the CardanoGPT ecosystem. It grants access to various CardanoGPT services, allows users to participate in governance, and can be purchased or earned through farming or participating in airdrops.
What blockchain network is $CGI deployed on?
$CGI is a native token on the Cardano blockchain.
What is $CGI's Supply Policy?
$CGI has a fixed maximum supply of 5 million.
Is there a $CGI bug bounty program?
No, but we will make an announcement should we initiate a bug bounty program.
What is $CGI Farming?
Farming allows $CGI holders to earn additional rewards by providing liquidity for pre-approved $CGI token pairs.
What is the CardanoGPT DAO?
The CardanoGPT DAO is a digital cooperative comprising of dedicated community members who contribute to CardanoGPT's protection, governance, and development.
How do I become a member of the DAO?
Joining the CardanoGPT DAO requires holding $CGI token, details on the DAO participation will be shared when it's time.